Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mom aka Monica

Hello Everyone,

Believe it or not I was able to log on; my first attempt to remember my password.....

Mom's health is declining rapidly. She is not eating and is losing a lot of weight. She is down to 98 lbs. Her doctor believes that she does not have dementia but infact alzheimer's. This hit the family pretty hard. She has a very hard time with her short term memory. Some days she can not remember anything new. She fell at her condo in Treasure Island a few weeks back and injured herself pretty badly. I called to check up on her a few Mondays ago and she sounded extremely week. I asked her if she had eaten and she said no, that htere wasn't any food in the condo. I knew that this was not true becuase Debbie had just left there a few days before this and had taken mom grocery shopping. I immediately called Kim and she started heading to mom's condo. (This is a 2 1/2 hour drive for us) In the meantime Debbie called the office at the condo and asked the lady, Monique in the office to go and check on mom. When Monique got into the condo she called Debbie and informed her that mom had an accident somehow and fell and that there was blood everywhere. When she fell she must have hit her left hand and all the skin had separated from her bones. She to this day is still healing. It is taking a long time for the hand to heal, but the doctor said it is looking good and not infected.

Mom has not been back to the condo since. We have talked her into moving closer to us and we found an assisted living facility in Clermont, close to Kim. It is about 10 min from Kim's house and 15min from mine. What a relief. She will be moving in this weekend coming up. She is very excited. They have a lot of activities and hopefully this will get mom back in touch with people. She was all alone in her condo and did not communicate very often.

I will post as often as I can.

Love to all,

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  1. Thanks for the update Krista. I am sure this will be a good move for Aunt Monica. And having her that close will make it much easier for you all to be there if she needs you.