Sunday, May 24, 2009

SUMMER!!! YEA!!! :) and :(

I AM BACK! (Forgot my user name and password)


What a year.... I just ended my first year teaching as the Technology/ Journalism teacher at a Central Florida Prep. If anyone would have asked me this exact day last year what I thought I would be doing once I found a job, since I was on unemployment, it would have never been teaching, BUT I wouldn't trade it for the world! I enjoyed it SOO much. I cannot wait for school to start in August. However, I am mentally exhausted! Kids are so inquisitive and unpredictable, to say the least; but for the most part, FUN AND FUNNY! The questions they would have; the comments they would make are out of this world. Just when you think you are having the worst day in your life a 1st grader will see you in the hall and run up to you (knowing she/he is going to get in trouble for getting out of line) and just say, "I love you!" and give you the biggest hug you could ever imagine. I tought 156 children a week so my time with each of them was once a week for an hour and I must say, there was this one 1st grader, her name was Madison. I NEVER saw her without a smile from ear to ear and I would always hear her yelling my name, Mrs. Slechta, down the long halls and if she got her teacher's permission, she would run down the hall and give me the BIGGEST hug and tell me "I was her favorite teacher" Of course I did not tell her teacher what she said! HAHA. I have been serching the internet looking for better lesson plans. Since I teach 1st - 9th it is really hard to come up with ALL those lesson plans.

Another huge change for us. Daymond moved out a few weeks ago...... I am actually having a harder time with this than I thought. He is 20 and in college, but I just didn't ever think he would move. I know it sounds stupid, but I imagined him being here for a lot longer. However, he moved out, his stuff has not. I am on the fence on this one. Our house is not his storage unit nor am I his laundry service. He has mastered a way to get me to do his laundry. He comes home, puts his laundry into the wash, leaves and then doesn't return for about a week. Well, I have to do laundry so of course, I have to put his load in the dryer and then take it out of the dryer and fold it. I can't let it get wrinkled!! Smart Kid! This weekend Doug and I took the workout equipment out of our room and made Daymond's 13x24 bedroom with a bathroom a workout room...... Daymond is coming home, I mean over, for dinner tonight and I am sure he will go in his room to get clothes. I imagine this will be a painful for him as it was for me to see the first time I went back home and Mom had turned my room into an office.... Don't get me wrong she should have. It still is a shock that "we" do move on.

Sarah finally gets her cast off on Wednesday. Some of you may not know, Sarh, my 8 yr. old daughter, broke her ankle 4 weeks ago at a Carnival at the local Charter school. She broke it on a Saturday morning, continued to play on it all weekend; even going swimming. The following Monday morning I took her to her pediatrician and he sent me to a specialist and she did infact brake the small bone on the outside of her left ankle. When the specialist told Sarah and I that she would need a cast up to her knee and to pick out a color, Sarah was SOOOOO happy. She was so excited that she was getting a cast. She was running down the hall at the docs office telling everyone that was getting their cast sawed off that she was getting a green cast. And since she got the cast, she has been running ever since. They did not require her to use crutches they put her in a walking boot..... Well, Wednesday we shall see if it is healed. It better be. We leave for Longboat Key in two weeks. A week at the beach..... I am ready! Sarah is too! When I told her this morning that if her ankle isn't healed the doctor will not take the cast off and she will not be able to get wet at the beach for a week, she has now started being careful with that foot. A little to late!
I am back! Hope to hear from you soon. I will post often, I promise!


  1. you take the wet clothes out of the washer and put them where he plans to sleep, it will take a few tries but he should get the message eventually.

  2. Better yet, in a plastic bag. He won't do that twice.

    We need pictures of that cast. Then we need a post about LongBoat. I miss you guys.

  3. Welcome back. I just found out about this new blog from Adrienne's blog. Suggest you send out an email to your friends and relatives.
    Thanks for the family update but how is the new store doing?
    I like Erika's suggestion to create a post about Long Boat Key.
    p.s. This post is 6 weeks old. Your promise is a little weak.