Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good news. Bad News

Well, I have mixed emotions about today!!!! I received word that I have been accepted into Kaplan University for their Master's in Education program and I begin July 29th (not the 27th). YEA!!!! However, tomorrow is the birthday of twins that are EXTREMELY close to me. When I was 12, I started babysitting for a lady, Mariette, down the street from my parents house. She had a 6 year old son, Chris, and was pregnant with twins. After she gave birth, I pretty much spent all of my free time with her and helped out with Chris and the twins, Jimmy and Timmy. Gosh that was in 1985. I did my best to stay in touch with them after I began figure skating and college.... Unfortunately, I let life keep me away from them for many years.

In September, 2006 I received a call that Timmy, one of the twins, was killed in a motorcycle accident right near their home. I am still grieving over this loss........ This is the hardest death I have had to handle other than the death of my father in 1994 (I was 20 at the time of his death). Chris and Jimmy have pictures of me and them posted in their albums and call me their "babysitter". Our love for each other is greater than I could have ever imagined being a "babysitter" and am to this day touched by those boys. It is just unfortunate that I am missing one of "my boys" I love "my boys".....

The one thing that makes me smile the biggest is when I hear Mariette, their mother, say that Timmy always loved children and wanted many when he grew older. She said that she strongly believes that every time a child is sent to Heaven, Timmy is there to guide that child. She had a dream and also many strange, for lack of a better word, things told to her by strangers before they knew she had lost a child, and I myself have witnessed this, and I believe that this is exactly Timmy's way of protecting children in his life after death.

"Timmy, I love and miss you!"


Friday, July 3, 2009

Going Back To School

Most of you know that last year I began teaching and absolutely fell in love with it. I teach Technology and Journalism to 1st -12th grade. I also teach Yearbook and am the yearbook advisor. Currently, I am on my summer break and go back to school August 3rd. I am excited to start my 2nd school year. For the past few months I have been looking into a Masters degree in Education and found a school that will allow me to take all my classes online. It is Kaplan University. I will be beginning their Masters of Education emphasizing in Teaching Technology on July 27th. I am excited and nervous. It has been a long time since I have been in school.